Gulf War Report Links Chronic Illnesses to Chemical Agent Exposure


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Gulf War report links chronic illnesses to chemical agent exposure

(The following is excerpted from the April 1998 issue of "Common Sense," the newsletter of the Chemical Weapons Working Group, published by the Kentucky Environmental Foundation.)

Gulf War veterans and citizens concerned with chemical weapons incineration were heartened by an October 1997 Congressional report from the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, which included in its findings evidence linking Gulf War Illness with veterans' exposure to chemical agent. In the seven years since Desert Storm, thousands of Gulf War veterans have suffered not only from debilitating illnesses, but from the Department of Defense's denial that chemical agent and other warfare toxics played a role in the illnesses. DoD has long maintained that "what we don't know about chemical agents won't hurt us." The report, titled Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: VA, DoD Continue to Resist Strong Evidence Linking Toxic Causes to Chronic Health Effects, stated that
* VA (Veterans' Affairs) and DoD (Department of Defense) health registry diagnosis protocols continue to be based on the unwarranted conclusion that, unless there is an immediate and acute reaction, exposures to chemical weapons and other toxins do not cause delayed or chronic symptoms; and
* Exposures to low levels of chemical warfare agents and other toxins can cause delayed, chronic health effects.

The burden of proving that health problems resulted from exposure to low levels of chemical agent has been on the shoulders of sick veterans and civilians. Hopefully, this document and the continuing work of veterans' and grassroots organizations will result in shifting that burden to DoD. Until we find out whether or not there is a safe level of exposure, DOD should assume that no level is safe.

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