PR--Sept. 18, 1995 LEAF to Fight Proposed Incinerator


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 1995

Public Interest Organization Advises Congress It Will Fight Proposed
Alabama Chemical Weapons Incinerator

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. -- The Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation, Inc .
("LEAF") advised members of Congress today that its Board of Directors has unanimously
decided to "initiate any and all legal proceedings that are appropriate to ensure that the
health and safety of LEAF's members and the public are not compromised" by the planned
construction and operation of a chemical weapons incinerator at the Anniston Army Depot
in Anniston, Alabama. Currently, LEAF attorneys have declined to reveal specifics about
their intentions. However, Tom Pelham, Chairman of LEAF's Board of Directors,
reported to Congressional members that "LEAF's experienced staff attorneys have already
c ommenced preparation for an administrative challenge to any permit which may be issued
for the Anniston facility and other litigation as well." Pelham further reported that "LEAF
has already uncovered what it believes to be fatal flaws in the U.S. Army's proposal."

Congress is presently considering whether to appropriate funds for the cons truction and
operation of the Anniston incinerator. Pelham suggested that Congress "should consider
the prospect for additional delays" in the implementation of its plans to locate an incinerator
in Anniston, Alabama .

Congress is also likely to decide whether chemical weapons now stored at Army facilities
in other states will be shipped to Alabama for disposal at the Anniston incinerator.
Congress had previously decided that no chemical weapons would be shipped to Alabama
for disposal. However, because the chemical weapons disposal program, which
envisioned an incinerator at each of eight storage sites , is now 500% over budget and 10
years behind schedule, Congress is reluctant to continue with the original pr ogram.
Instead, Anniston may be selected as one of only two continental United States' locations
where incinerators will be built for the disposal of the nation's stockpile of chemical

A charitable, public interest environmental law firm, LEAF protects human health from
toxic pollution.


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