PR--Sept. 9, 1997 Whistleblower Allen Wins Victory


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for immediate release: Tuesday, September 9, 1997


The U.S. Department of Labor has determined that EG&G Defense Materials, Inc. violated federal
law by discriminating against the former Chief of Hazardous Waste Management, Trina Allen.

Ms. Allen filed a complaint alleging that EG&G engaged in a pattern of hostile and retaliatory
conduct against her because she raised environmental and safety concerns, forcing her to resign.
EG&G maintained that the complaint was "untimely."

The investigation found EG&G was guilty of discrimination and that Ms. Allen's complaint was
"timely and is considered meritorious."

The determination letter verified that," discrimination was a factor in the actions comprising
your complaint." Ms. Allen has alleged violations of the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water
Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act and other environmental laws at TOCDF.

In the letter notifying EG&G of the finding, the Department of Labor wrote that, "The Respondent
(EG&G) shall cease and desist from retaliating against Complainant (Ms. Allen) and/or any
existing employees who may be requested to participate in proceedings under or relating to the
Act(s), and to pay {Ms. Allen} damages in the amount of $5,000."

The Department of Labor letters were made public by the Chemical Weapons Working Group
(CWWG), a national alliance of organizations working for alternatives to incineration.

This discrimination complaint, is the second claim being brought by Allen against EG&G, the
first charges that she was demoted from her position as Chief of Hazardous Waste Management at
TOCDF for insisting that the facility be brought into compliance with federal and state laws. Her
claims will be heard before an Administrative Law Judge later this year.

Just last month a Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge ruled that former Chief Safety
Officer, Steve Jones, was illegally fired by EG&G and awarded him either a half million dollars
and his job back, or a million dollars if EG&G refuses to re-hire him. Jones claimed the facility
had thousands of safety problems and that he was fired for refusing to cover them up, the Judge
agreed that Jones was illegally fired.

CWWG spokesperson, Craig Williams said, "This latest ruling is the first step in what we
predict will be a total vindication for Ms. Allen, just as Mr. Jones' ruling was. The bottom line
remains the same, the Army's contractor fires or demotes anyone who tries to insist on safety
and compliance, and the Army continues to hide behind the contractors 'internal management
decisions' as if they don't know what's going on at their own facility. Either way, the Army's
already tarnished credibility is deteriorating on a case by case basis."

Williams predicted there will be more whislteblowers in the near future saying, "There are a
lot of people who are just fed up with the lack of responsibility at TOCDF and program wide. The
consequences of emphasizing image over safety, and production over compliance are beginning to
catch up with the Army and their contractors."


Copies of the Dept. of Labor determination are available from the CWWG office.


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