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for immediate release: Monday, March 25, 1996


Former Tooele Safety Manager says he was fired for documenting
environmental, safety flaws; Army and its contractor accused of hiding
documents and refusing to provide key witnesses.

Tooele, Utah -- March 25, 1996: The whistleblower trial of Steve Jones, who was fired as
Chief Safety Officer at the U.S. Army's Chemical Weapons incinerator in Tooele, Utah after
disclosing serious health, safety and environmental problems at that facility, got underway in
Salt Lake City on Monday with charges that the Army and its contractor were hiding documents
showing significant flaws in its incineration program and refusing to produce key witnesses.

tatement, Jones' attorney, John Preston Creer, likened the chemical weapons
whistleblower to those who recently exposed misbehavior in the tobacco industry, "The issues
may be different but the corporate reaction is the same," Creer said. "At Tooele, a powerful
company is using strong-arm tactics to try to silence a whistleblower. The evidence
will show that Steve Jones was terminated because of his legally protected disclosures of
serious health, environmental and safety flaws at Tooele."

Creer severely criticized the Army's contractor, EG&G Defense Materials, Inc., the defendant in
this case, for claiming it could not find a safety audit Jones compiled documenting more than a
thousand problems at Tooele. "How could a Fortune 400 Company like EG&G 'lose' such an
important document?" Jones' summery of the audit, which concluded that more than a dozen
vital program areas failed to meet acceptable safety standards was submitted for the record.

Creer also noted that key Army staffers who Jones had asked to testify refused to come forward.
"It is the U.S. Army who defends every critisizm about its controversial incineration program.
Why are they not here to testify about what went on at Tooele?"

As the Monday session drew to a close, Steve Jones took the witness stand and described his
fifteen year track record as a military safety expert during which he received many awards and
promotions. When court resumes on Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. Jones will detail the many
environmental, health and safety problems he found at Tooele.

The Hearing is expected to continue through Friday.

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